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PSEUDO/POEMS S/S2021 collection is inspired by the first chapter of the aesthetic essay "Six Names of Beauty" by American writer Crispin Sartwell, the beauty exists on the desired object.


The naming of beauty can also be understood as the way the world flows through life. "Whatever we desire, we can learn to discover her beauty. Desire itself is a kind of enduring or unfulfilled desire." Tracing back to the origin of the word beauty, it was originally used almost exclusively to praise young, beautiful and charming women. The pursuit of beauty in a popular sense has also shaped the many standards that restrict and confine women, and measure the existence of women from the perspective of desire.

While the S/S 2021 series continues the modern romantic aesthetic design style, the designer uses the tightness and tension generated by the collision of the fabric with the female body, which metaphors the surging desire in the traditional meaning; through the layered texture and multi-layer thin The combination of yarns expresses the imprisoned beauty and the lack of beauty; the combination of suit elements and waist waist that highlights the female body curve expresses the opposition and collision of beauty under different genders. The opposition between the pleating technique and the loose-cutting of the lines echoes the contradiction in the abstract impression of beauty.


Through the presentation of desires and limitations, the designer attempts to scale the "beauty" defined by the mainstream thinking in the historical process, forming the entire series into a ruler of desire to measure beauty, and the wearer needs to decide whether to be willing to be measured.

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